Our Apps4Good project was a group project in which our goal was to design an app for the benefit of people. It took place in the second half of C term as well as D term. We used Android Studio in order to create different screens, and also added functionality to the screens using Java classes.

- KEA -

My group consisted of Eeman Saud, Anh Tran, and myself. We decided to name our app “KEA” by using the first letter of each of our names. The problem that we hoped to solve was to reduce the time it takes in order to organize an event among many people. Usually, there is some sort of back and forth regarding what times people are available. This planning process can be very inconvenient.

In terms of how our app works, users first login or create an account. Once they do so, they will be able to create an event and enter in who they would like to share it with. Then, each of these people will be able to enter in their availability (available or not), in a calendar. Our app then scans through each of these calendars and finds when the most people are all available, as a time when the event should be planned.

Below is a copy of the poster board which we presented with at the Apps4Good fair.