- STW -

- Device to Protect From Skin Diseases Caused by Shin Guards -

- Literature Review -

Our lit reviews contained almost all of the background research we conducted in order to produce a successful project. For my lit review, I mainly include information pertaining to the subject of dermatitis, and how it forms. In order to write this document, we I accumulated a lot of information from the journal articles I read on similar topics (see project notes below).

- Project Proposal -

Our project proposals were one of the first STW documents that we had to write up. It includes background information aboutu our project, in addition to a general plan on how we aim to complete the testing aspects of our project. This was the document in which we outlined each of our STEM I projects.

- Project Notes -

In the first two terms of the year, our work towards completing our project mainly consisted of research, and finding journal articles and patents which relate to our project idea, and help us understand the concepts. We used our project notes to keep track of our research and highlight important parts of the articles which we read.