- MATH -

Math modeling at Mass Academy is taught by Mr. Regele. In this course, we cover many modeling topics in addition to patterns and curious occurrences in the world of math. In B term and beyond, I was able to take WPI courses such as Calculus III and IV as well as Linear Algebra because I had already taken AP BC Calculus prior to coming to Mass Academy.

- HiMCM -

HiMCM stands for High school Mathematics Competition in Modelling and is a 36-hour long competition in which we had to solve one difficult modeling problem in a group. I worked with Justin Che, David Zhukovsky, and Diego Suchenski Loustaunau. The problem we chose, “Storing the Sun”, regarded the storage system of an off-the-grid home for solar energy in which we had to determine the most efficient batteries to power the home. Below is our 25-page write-up including the code we made to solve the problem.

- Hanford -

The Hanford assignment was an especially challenging assignment in which we had to use Mathematica in order to manually calculate the linear regression line of best fit for a set of data points. This required a lot of learning and researching for different functions in the software.