Mass academy mandates 50 approved community service hours before the start of senior year, in order for juniors to continue in the school. Initially, I felt as though it would be boring and pointless. However, after my first few hours, I began to enjoy volunteering. Volunteering has taught me to make a difference in the community, and learn new skills while meeting new people.

- WarmhandsMA -

My first 28 volunteering hours came from tutoring math with WarmHandsMA over Zoom. Along with Justin Che, we tutored around 8 middle schoolers about algebra concepts. In addition, we began to teach them the world of competition math, and we showed them different kinds of math problems that you would normally see in math competitions.

- Rising Stars Initiative -

My next few volunteering hours were also tutoring. This time however it was with the Rising Stars Initiative, in which I did one-on-one tutoring with a student from the Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School in Worcester. My tutee was a 3rd grader and I helped teach him basic math and science concepts over Zoom.