Mass Academy computer science is taught by Mrs. Taricco. Our first major project was our personal website, which you are looking at right now. During this project, we learn how to effectively use CSS and HTML in web design. After the web design unit, students are taught Java and programming concepts with the purpose of preparing for the AP Computer Science A exam. Students with prior experience in Java are encouraged to complete an independent (or partnered) project. Later in the year we work in a group on our Apps4Good project in which we design an app to solve a problem.


The CHMOD java program was a particularly difficult mini-program that I chose to write during the Java term. CHMOD is a command in the UNIX system which is used for describing permissions to access and change files. There are 3 different permissions: r (read), w (write), and e (execute). My program, given an octal number, prints the binary conversion of the number as well as the permissions defined by that number.

- Personal Project -

Along with Amith Chintalapati, we are working on creating a Machine Learning algorithm in python, that learns from the MNNIST database in order to predict the digit (0-9) that a user draws on a separate drawing panel. The first portion of the code below was created on Google Colab and represents our machine learning model which has high success in predicting digits. The second part of our code was created on Jupyter Notebook and is the drawing interface that automatically saves the user-created drawing to their computer. Our next step is to complete our program by linking both parts of the code together and having the user’s drawing automatically run through the AI model.