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Hi, I’m Krisha and I’m currently a junior at Mass Academy. I was born and raised in Shrewsbury where I attended high school for my freshman and sophomore years of high school. Scroll to learn more about me and what I like to do!

Track Team Pic


At my sending school, I was part of the Outdoor and Indoor Track. I ran the 600m during indoor track and 400m Hurdles during outdoor track. Track has become something that has become a big part of me and served to get my mind off academics. I joined the track team my freshman year and I plan to continue it at MAMS. I also was a part of the Shrewsbury Fall Crew team last year but do not plan to continue this year due to the heavy time commitment.


Speech and Debate

For the past two years, I’ve been a member of the Shrewsbury High School Speech and Debate Team. Speech and Debate has enabled me to be part of a community that advocates for important issues. On the Speech and Debate team, I did Extemporaneous Speaking. Extemporaneous Speaking is a limited prep event where you’re given 30 minutes to prep a 7 minute speech to a question like “How will Gustavo Petro alter Columbia’s relationship with Venezuela?” Click here to learn more about the Speech and Debate organization!



Although, I’ve lived in Shrewsbury my entire life, my family and I like to get out of the house whenever we have the time. Considering that I've spent my summers in California for as long as I can remember, I kind of consider my uncle's house there my second home. Last summer, my family and I road-tripped down to Georgia and we had the opportunity to make several stops along the way and visit some cool sites. While I like to travel around the US, my family loves traveling outside the US too when we get the opportunity. This past summer, my family and I visited Greece.

Travel Travel Travel Travel Travel


One of my favorite things to do in my free is video editing. Whether it’s for an event celebration or just for fun, I love editing. I’ve pretty much gone through the laptop of my entire family to use their three month free-trial of Final-Cut Pro (my dad got a new desktop, so I’m pretty much set for the next three months). What I love most about video-editing is that it’s kind of like a puzzle and when you place each piece together, you end up with a really cool product.

Community Service


In my free time, I like to tutor on a platform called UpChieve. UpCheive is a non-profit that aims to serve under-represented provide equal educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds. Unlike other tutoring services, UpChieve is directed specifically towards students living in under-represented areas. This means I got to work with a variety of different students and help them enhance their preliminary algebra and pre-calculus skills. Click here to learn more!

Summer Academy

One of the best ways I get to keep in touch with my community while at MAMS is through community service. Over the summer, I volunteer at the Summer Academy which work with kids K-8 to enhance their learning over the summer and help them prepare for the next year. For the past two years, I have worked in a Kindergarten classroom for the past two years and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Speech and Debate Coaching

Last year, I coached speech and debate to middle schoolers. As someone who went through the same process they did, I found coaching middle schoolers a very rewarding experience. Coaching middle schoolers allowed me to see them go through same learning process I did and be able to see them gain enough confidence to enter public speaking.


During STEM week at Mass Academy, juniors have the opportunity to visit a local elementary school in Worcester and introduce young students to the principles of STEM through engaging STEM activities. Volunteers had the opportunity to work one-on-one with students to expose them to new STEM disciplines. With the help of a few other students, I helped run the robot activity with 3rd grade students where students practice programming principles by telling their peers to follow a certain set of instructions to construct a specific cup stacking arrangement.