Kiara Lavana

Advanced Spanish

Advanced Immersion Spanish is the one class split up based on our previous familiarity with the subject. Spanish is taught by Señora Wildfong and is a fully immersive class, meaning we are allowed to only speak Spanish when in the Lang Room. Most of our learning is simply through getting more comfortable conversing. We also expose ourselves to the cultures of different Spanish-speaking countries through movies, food, and music. Each week we keep a listening log of different shows, movies, or music we listen to in the target language. In the first semester, we started our unit on childhood, or “niñez,” and examined the subject through the short stories of Guillermo Cabrera Infante. We also wrote our own short stories on our childhood in Spanish.

Listening Logs

These are my listening logs from A Term and B Term. I really love doing listening logs because I always get to watch something new. For A and B Terms I watched “La Casa de Papel,” otherwise known as “Money Heist” in English. So far, I have finished season 1. I also like listening to music by different Spanish or Latin artists, like CNCO, Shakira, or Carlos Vives.

El Cuento de Niñez

In A Term, to complement our unit on childhood and reading Spanish short stories on youth, we all wrote our own “Cuentos de Niñez.” This essay is supposed to recount a specific moment from your childhood and immortalize it through a unique lens. I chose to write my story on one specific moment I remember vividly from my childhood. I: the terrible rain that poured on my fifth birthday, ruining my party. I chose this topic because it is a memory I still have full recollection of, even if it can be kind of sad and dismal; However, I liked taking some time to retrospectively think about my childhood and how I used to simplistically view the world.