Kiara Lavana


Physics is a class taught by Mr. Ellis at Mass Academy. We cover different topics in physics, such as kinematics, forces, and energy. Collaboration is encouraged as we learn new concepts, and we apply these concepts in labs and different assessments. My favorite type of assignments are the complex, multi-stage Uber problems. These problems have many different considerations and components that combine different physics topics. I am currently preparing for the AP Physics A exam at the end of the year through this class’s curriculum.

Uber Problems: Uber Rocket and Uber Pulley

Uber Rocket was the first multistage write up of the year. The problem combines kinematics and projectiles in one problem. Uber Pulley was our second multistage problem of the year. This Uber combined forces, kinematics, and projectiles. I love doing Uber problems because coming to the right answer after all the different stages is always super satisfying. Also, since every student receives different givens to do their individualized problem, everyone’s answers are a little different.

Penny Drop Lab

The Penny Drop Lab was our first lab for Physics this year. The objective of this assignment was to effectively design a simple experiment in order to minimize inaccuracy and source of error, while also performing accurate and clear analysis. For this lab, my partners were Sashank Tadimeti and Aaron Tian. We all had different roles while collecting data, and while formulating our one-page magazine pages, we all had to come together to ensure consistent and accurate information.