Kyle Klamka

Intermediate French

Before coming to Mass Academy I took Latin. However, Mrs. Wildfong does a great job of catching those up who have taken languages in the past other than those offered. She offers a fully immersive class and a wide assortment of activities including typical presentations and essays as well as fun games such as Monopoly and Clue.


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Yep...You read that right. We got to create memes in French to help us learn more about the language. This was a fun activity which we completed either alone or in small groups about the Mass Academy environment. Even those among us who are inexperienced in the target language or don't know it at all can understand!

La Recette de France

Another activity we got to complete was the making of food! We got to find recipes from France or French countries, make our own versions of the recipes in French, and then actually make the food at our homes! Finally, we got to bring in the food during lunch one day, present them in French, and try out each other's creations! They were all great! I decided to make gougeres au fromage -- pretty much a cheese pastry/dough of sorts.

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