Kyle Klamka


Our Humanities class, while our version of a English or History class, is much different than your typical version of either. While Mrs. Small gives us occasional history lessons, has us read literature, and even write papers, there is not as much of a predictive formula. For instance, our writing pieces did not only comprise of standard academical essays. We got to use our voices much more, both in discussions as well as in our writing. I love the interesting conversations we have had, as well as the ability to pick our own prompts in writing.


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One of my favorite activities was the creation of satires with partners. We had such a wide range of topics that we could cover, as long as it proposed a silly or insane solution to a problem. All we had to do was support it logically. My partner and I decided to create a satire on the English language, as we both are well aware of its problems and are the children of immigrants. It was fun to come up with ideas and spout them out in a ridiculous way!

Education Essay

One of the first things we did was go over the current education system and how it has progressed over time. The part which I liked was that we got to use a lot of personal voice. As long as you wrote in a "formal" manner, you could pretty much cover whatever you wanted in the education pieces however you wanted. We even got to choose our own prompts and outside evidence! I decided to cover the shift in focus of American education.

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