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Flow Temple Ministries

Flow Temple Ministries is a group I and some of my closest friends from church created as a means to connect with other youth who wanted to grow closer to God--just like we did. Seeing that this group was created during 2020, we often had to have all of our group and website meetings on zoom, which then felt like an inconvenience, but it continues to be our means of communication today and I could not be more grateful. We have created an interactive website where we post blogs, encouragement posts, a way for others to ask questions about Christianity, free phone backgrounds, and much more! We also have an instagram where we post enouraging and engaging content that allows youth to take pride in their Christian faith! I am so glad to have started this journey, and I am excited to see where this group takes me in the future! click here!


I started playing soccer when I was around 8 years old. I loved being able to run around and kick a ball into what almost seemed like a trophy of a net any time I would near it. Growing up, I have learned to see soccer as so much more than just a sport. Playing on my sending school's (Auburn High School) varsity soccer team, I have learned the ever-important value of commmunity and support, through loss, triumph, and even pain and hurt. I hope to cling to these virtues as I traverse the woods of life, letting them be a lamp before my feet and a light in my path.

Track and Field


Track and field is one of the sports I resonate with most, as it came naturally to me. I specifically participate in the triple jump, qualifying for the All-State championships in my sophomore year of high school. This sport has taught me the importance of perserverance, especially when it may seem like things may likely not go the way you would like. I have had very trying experiences in this sport, with the most memorable being at the All-State championships, where I got very nervous and choked all three of my jumps. Instances like these push me to a place of hunger to be better! I am looking forward to track season this junior year, to hopefully get past All-States, and make Nationals!



I started theater during 6th grade in Auburn Middle School. Ever since such a seed had been planted in my spirit, it has since continued to grow in my life. I now participate in school shows at my sending school, allowing myself to fully express my emotions at any given moment, without a fear of criticism from the general public; as emotion is expected in theater. In middle school, I have had the gracious opportunity to play the Genie in our production of Aladdin, and even have played two more leading roles since then (Bobby Strong: Urinetown and Davey: Newsies). I love theater, and hope that it does not ever lose it's ability to grow my inner character for the better.

Model United Nations

Model UN

Model United Nations is a club in which students act as delegates in the Untied Nations discussing real world issues and formulating solutions to each problem. In this club, I have improved greatly in my public speaking abilities, which have transcended to other means of my life, such as theater and leading my church choir. I love having the ability to discuss real-world issues, as it allows me, someone who is not as active in watching the news as they should be, to become familiar with the affairs that happen outside the bubble of America.

Chamber Choir


Chamber Choir allows me to fully express my talent to sing and allows me to not only vocally blend, but mentally blend with my peers, singing difficult songs that require mental synergy in order to be sung successfully. Singing allows me to be free in the most natural way possible. For me, singing is a passion that courses through my veins, pumping energy through my body. It will always be a part of me, and I hope that Chamber choir will continue to bring the best in me, spiritually, vocally, and mentally.

Feel free to reach me at Kakese@wpi.edu