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Spanish class at MAMS is, in my opinion, like no other. Sra. Wildfong allows us to be ourselves, even when speaking a language that we may not be super familiar with. Prior to taking this class, I had around 3 years of Spanish from my sending school. However, Sra. Wildfong's immersive and engaging teaching style has allowed me to learn more than I ever have in the past; speaking spanish with more confidence than ever before.

Mi Rutina

Something I love about Spanish is getting the opportunity to write in another language about something that I would talk about in English, and do it fluently. Something I love to do is talk about my day and what I do, as it allows me to be proud of everything I have done that day even if it isn’t groundbreaking. Being able to write about “Mi Rutina” in Spanish felt like the perfect thing to be doing! Not only did it allow me to use new Spanish vocabulary and implement the reflexive form to talk about the actions I carried out, but it also utilized something I was familiar with in order to augment my understanding of something new! See the left to check out “Mi Rutina!”

Spanish Vocabulary Journey

In Spanish class, we are expected to log all of the new vocabulary we learn each term, whether it be something you hear while watching a Spanish movie, song, or even a conversation you may pick up while walking down your neighborhood. Through logging every new word my ears pick up, I have been able to advance much further in Spanish than I ever have before. Learning a language is not an easy thing to do, however, if you take the time to research new aspects of it that may be useful in the future, it makes the experience much more memorable. Check out the display on the right to see all of the vocabulary words I have learned thus far.