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Physics at Mass Academy is a class taught by Mrs. Chase. In this class we discover the science behind why things happen the way they do in terms of motion and behavior through all of time and space. We discover these means through kinematics, forces, and energy. This class allows us to demonstrate understanding in the "physical" world around us!

Modified-Modified Atwoods Machine

The Modified-Modified Atwoods Machine Lab was an activity that dealt with answering the question of what the potential relationship an increased incline to an Atwood's machine and its acceleration, would have. This activity allowed me to delve into the realms of experimentation in order to solve questions that I did not know the answer to. There is something rewarding about finding the answers to such questions yourself, rather than searching them up on the internet. I really enjoyed this experiment, and although it came with its challenges, whether there were some faults in the experimentation or other external entities preventing the most accurate results, it was an overall very exciting experience indeed. See the summary to the left to learn more.

Momentum Investigations Lab

The Momentum Investigations lab was a lab that challenged me to further my knowledge of the relationship between force and time (impulse) being equal to mass and velocity (momentum). I thoroughly enjoyed working with my group members to achieve our goals of further knowledge, and I believe it made us more in tune with the subject as a whole. Applying the equations we learned in class to something tangible is something that added a very new dynamic to the class, and it is something that I hope to indulge in during my future education!