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Math Modeling

Math Modeling is a highly peculiar class indeed, as it introduces a type of math every student at MAMS must adjust to; no matter one's prior mathematical experience. Using components from various types of math subjects, students are forced to hone in on different types of mathematics when solving certain math problems. This allows each and every student to be challenged in the best way possible, as they begin to find comfortability in using different math skills during every mathematical circumstance.

High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM)

One of the highlights of this class was HiMCM, where I was able to work with my peers to come up with an answer to a real-world issue using Math! I had the opportunity to work with Travis Tran, Suhruth Vuppala, and Jaylin Li, to come up with an estimate of how much CO2 would be in our atmosphere in the future, and to determine the relationship between CO2 and temperature. This activity not only allowed me to get closer to my peers, but it shed a lot more light on the rampant issue of global warming in this day and age. It is our responsibility to make this earth safe and healthy to live in, so let’s do our part!

Epsilon School

Airing in light of collaboration to solve real issues with math, I had the opportunity to work with Marlon Jost, Donovan Sappet, and Alex Kaneko in order to solve the issue of Epsilon School. In the school, there became a sharp increase in the normal amount of incoming freshmen for the year. Therefore, we were tasked with how to associate newly hired teachers to be able to compensate the new students. Taking into account the classes the new freshmen class would be interested in, as well as the ability of teachers to teach multiple subjects, we were able to come up with a solid solution. We were also able to test this solution with Python code, assuring the optimality of the solution!

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