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Humanities, taught by Mrs. Small, is a highly engaging class with a mixture of history, English Language Arts, and much more, in order to allow us a full variety of knowledge growth opportunities. This class also allows us to learn more about how the world around us came to be, and where we think it will be in he future. Reading a great amount of pivotal books in history (i.e.Walden ), I have been able to not only experience the mindset of those who have lived before, but have also been able to understand their lifestyle as different from the commonalities of today. Scroll to see more about my Hum journey!

Satirical Analysis

One of my favorite activities in the Humanities was being able to analyze and critique certain satires. Before journeying more into the topic of satires, I had not realized how much they are a part of life! I had seen so many satires in years past but had not been able to recognize them as what they were! In this particular assignment, I focused on two pieces of literature focusing on the same topic of denouncing racism. I talked about how one, due to its effectiveness in tone and chronology, was better at accomplishing this task better than the other. Although both satires did a commendable job at such a task, sometimes there are ways to go about it that may allow for a more smooth and more meaningful completion as opposed to some other methods.

Rhetorical Analysis

During HUM, we had the opportunity to read a small portion of the book Tell-Tale Brain by V.S. Ramachandran, and this was definitely one of the most interesting books I had read in all my years of literature. This book talked about different parts of the human brain, and how they all work together to achieve different aspects of our personality, actions, and even the way we think. Reading this piece coaxed me to ask certain questions about humanity that I was curious about. To this day, I do not have the answer to said questions, but hopefully one day I will work towards receiving a definite answer, or not receiving one if such questions are not meant to be answered.