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Humanities is taught by Ms. Small. Students in this course explore the central question “What does it mean to be human?” through a variety of lenses. Students are encouraged to think critically about topics such as human history, immigration, and education, as well as to examine their place in a rapidly advancing world.

Education Essay

At the beginning of the year, we explored the modern education system, how it evolved from its roots in the 1800’s, and whether it serves to meet relevant goals today. After this exploration, we were asked to write an argumentative synthesis essay. I chose the prompt of “Does school create a level playing field?” and argued it for reasons of financial disparity and student neglect.


One of the units covered every year in Humanities is satire, and at the end we have a chance to write our own satires. I worked with Tarun Eswar to write and film a satire on privileged economic “bros” who are out of touch with the world. We chose to start the film with a “day in the life” structure, then morph to a walking elevator pitch as these are both stereotypes of the entrepreneur community. With a few jokes splattered here and there, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project.