About Me

Hello! My name is Jessie Taubert and I am presently a junior at Mass Academy of Math and Science in Worcester. My freshman and sophomore years of high school were cut short at Wachusett in Holden. During the summer, I enjoy going to the beach and boating with my cousins in Cape Cod. I've attended multiple STEM-based camps at WPI and learned a lot in the classrooms and labs there. I spend most of my free time rock climbing, reading, and pursuing music. Recently, I’ve been tinkering with video editing, and I also enjoy skiing in the winter with my family. On this site, you can expect to find some of my intriguing projects and a compilation of my hobbies and achievements!


Rock Climbing

I have been climbing for seven years and have competed in the sport for six years as a member of USA Climbing. I work at Central Rock Gym where I run the front desk and coach, along with staffing different events. I love the diversity and ever-changing aspect of climbing, and nearly everything I’ve learned from climbing can be translated into my everyday life. In climbing, you never see the same climb twice, but you see similar movements, making it critical to know how to approach the problems instead of getting good at one singular aspect. The perseverance this sport has taught me is invaluable, and I love being part of such a strong, friendly community. I’ve seen firsthand how if you count yourself out from the start, you’re setting yourself up for failure, and if you get too caught up in the scoring and competing against others, you’re going to lose focus on competing against the wall.

Me rock climbing


Reading is, and has always been, one of my favorite pastimes, as I love being completely entranced by stories. The only thing I will not voluntarily read is anything of the non-fiction genre. I used to only read books from the library, but now I prefer reading my own copies of books so that they are clean and I can tab my favorite quotes. E-books are not my first choice of books, mainly because I spend enough time looking at a screen as it is. Whichever book I am currently reading is likely my favorite book. I definitely prefer paperbacks to hardcover books, unless the hardcover has pretty foiling under the dust jacket.

Some of my books posing for a picture


I love everything about music. I’m currently teaching myself guitar, and throughout the years I have learned how to play clarinet, trumpet, and harmonica. I listen to nearly every type of music, mainly based on how I’m feeling, and I am constantly listening to music. My cousins joke about this habit of mine because I will often show up to events and go places with one earbud in. Because I listen to a large array of music, I can never pinpoint a favorite song or artist. I love songs that tell stories or evoke certain feelings. All of my playlists on Spotify have book quotes as the title and description, and - of course - the covers are pictures of sunsets. One song I've been listening to recently is The Fall by half alive.

Screenshot of a song I like on Spotify