Justin Wang, Mass Academy of Math and Science '22

Welcome to my website! [Updated 28 May 2021.]

Portrait of Me Anemoia
Justin Wang (2021)

It drifts across a forgotten sea
It speaks with fiery pleas and silent voices never to be freed
It traps the frozen sighs of those resigned to time
It holds the stolen dreams of those lying beneath

It struggles against the gasps
to breathe, It struggles
against the grasp
of a disease no one could flee

What I've Been Working On

Computer Science: Français: Humanities:
Learning Java, Designing Apps

Créer un Film

Discussing Race in America

Mathematics: Physics: STEM:
Playing Around with Math

Energy and Momentum

STEM1 Project Experimentation

Piano: Violin: Cross Country:
Prokofiev and Ravel

Tchaikovsky and Saint-Saëns

Offseason Struggles

Helping the Community:
Verity, an organization dedicated to showcasing nonprofit initiatives