Physics is taught by Mrs. Chase and follows both AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C. Currently, I am taking the calculus track, which will largely prepare me for AP Physics C. When studying for tests, we are offered a large variety of problems at different difficulties so people can study for their needs or even learn extensions. So far, we’ve learned many real-word applications of physics including orbits and kinematics.

Quantifying Motion Lab

For our Quantifying Motion Lab, we used the definitions of position, velocity, and acceleration to determine whether a battery operated car and a car on an inclined plane have constant speed and/or acceleration. During this lab, I learned to emphasize graphs and tables. I approached the problem by using R2 values and estimating derivatives. I later learned that one could also approach this lab by using the Big 4 equations, which was cool to realize.

Dynamics Lab

For the Dynamics Lab, Vaishnavi Harish and I studied the amount of hanging mass required in order to make a block of wood slide up a board in a modified Atwood’s machine. We varied the angle between the ground and a board and predicted that at higher angles, the required hanging mass would increase. In my write up, I learned how to calculate the theoretical mass required and compared that to the experimental mass to analyze any differences.