Welcome to Joshua's Website!

Hello there! I’m Joshua Schnee, a junior at Mass Academy. I’m 17 years old. I live in Auburn and Worcester, Massachusetts, and I have attended the Auburn Public Schools since kindergarten. I like Music, Robotics, Computer Science, as well as Hiking and SCUBA Diving.


Last school year, I joined a FIRST Robotics team, Team 8544. This is a team based in Sutton, MA, but is partnered with Auburn as well. I spent a lot of time programming, wiring, and building the robot which we competed with. Eventually, we made it to regional championships! We also competed at BattleCry, an off-season event at WPI this past summer. Now, I’m continuing as part of Team 190 at Mass Academy.

Our Battlecry round robin alliance The parts of the robot
robot climbing
Me playing guitar Marching band


I have had an interest in music since I was young. When I was 10, I started playing guitar and French horn.

I learned guitar with a teacher for a year, but I have been on my own since then. I learned a lot of music that became useful for summer camp, where I became a song leader as a camper.

I joined the band at my school playing French horn, first in fifth grade. I stuck with it through middle school and high school, continuing to play in their bands. I also joined the Auburn High School marching band playing the mellophone, which is a trumpet-like instrument for French horn players to play while marching.


I have always been interested in the ocean. When I first tried SCUBA Diving, I loved it. I became a PADI-certified open water diver, so whenever I visit family in Florida, I make sure to get some good dives in. Seeing the ocean as a SCUBA diver is more magnificent than any other perspective. Check out PADI's Website to learn more.

Me, Diving SHARK
A satisfying end to a hike


Even since I was a toddler, I have been brought hiking by my parents. Despite it being involuntary at first, I grew to enjoy it a lot. I love experiencing nature and taking relaxing walks. When you are climbing a mountain on a hike, it’s always satisfying to see the view and realize what you have accomplished.

Community Service

As part of Community Service my Junior year, I worked with two organizations: the IHN family shelter and Community Harvest Project.

The IHN “In the Hour of Need” family shelter is a shelter in Worcester which provides housing and support for people experiencing homelessness. I have been able to help out by assisting with renovations in the shelter and by covering evening shifts providing assistance to the 6 families housed in the home.

Community Harvest project is a non-profit which, with the help of volunteers, grows nearly 300,000 pounds of produce each year. All of this is donated to food banks and other hunger relief initiatives. While volunteering in October, I helped pick a variety of produce. This spring, I’m continuing my work with them in the planting season.