This year I am taking Humanities with Ms. Small. In this class, we use readings to discuss topics on a broad range. We started the year by reading Walden. We then moved on to discussing public education. We have also covered ancient poetry, Sapiens and the meaning of being human. My favorite topic so far has been logical fallacy and satire. More recently, we are discussing how race and ethnicity are embedded in our culture.

Education Essay

This essay was the first I wrote in HUM class. For this assignment, we explored opinionated readings about public education. Then, we chose a prompt to respond to based on the readings. For this essay, I explore the public education system’s failure to prepare students for their later lives.

Original Satire

As part of our satire and logical fallacy unit, we were instructed to write original satires. In this one, which I wrote with Omar El Nesr, we parody absurd proposals from think tanks and make jabs at corporate mentality. Enjoy!