Welcome to Joshua's Website!

Hello there! I’m Joshua Schnee, a junior at Mass Academy. I’m 17 years old. I live in Auburn and Worcester, Massachusetts, and I have attended the Auburn Public Schools since kindergarten. I like Music, Robotics, Computer Science, as well as Hiking and SCUBA Diving.


Our Battlecry round robin alliance The parts of the robot
robot climbing

Last school year, I joined a FIRST Robotics team, Team 8544. This is a team based in Sutton, MA, but is partnered with Auburn as well. I spent a lot of time programming, wiring, and building the robot which we competed with. Eventually, we made it to regional championships! We also competed at BattleCry, an off-season event at WPI this past summer. Now, I’m continuing as part of Team 190 at Mass Academy.


Me playing guitar Marching band

I have had an interest in music since I was young. When I was 10, I started playing guitar and French horn.

I learned guitar with a teacher for a year, but I have been on my own since then. I learned a lot of music that became useful for summer camp, where I became a song leader as a camper.

I joined the band at my school playing French horn, first in fifth grade. I stuck with it through middle school and high school, continuing to play in their bands. I also joined the Auburn High School marching band playing the mellophone, which is a trumpet-like instrument for French horn players to play while marching.


Me, Diving SHARK

I have always been interested in the ocean. When I first tried SCUBA Diving, I loved it. I became a PADI-certified open water diver, so whenever I visit family in Florida, I make sure to get some good dives in. Seeing the ocean as a SCUBA diver is more magnificent than any other perspective. Check out PADI's Website to learn more.


A satisfying end to a hike

Even since I was a toddler, I have been brought hiking by my parents. Despite it being involuntary at first, I grew to enjoy it a lot. I love experiencing nature and taking relaxing walks. When I am climbing a mountain on a hike, it’s always satisfying to see the view and realize what you have accomplished.

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