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Mathematical Modeling

The MAMS math class is officially called mathematical modeling, as it places an emphasis on how we can use math to model real scenarios. In addition, when we practice with more abstract problems, we focus on creative uses for mathematical concepts we have learned.

During the year, we worked on a competition called HiMCM. For the competition, we formed ourselves into teams of up to four people, and selected one of two problems (click here for the problems). Then, we worked for a few days to solve that problem. My team picked Storing the Sun as our problem. To solve this problem, we researched different batteries and put the information about them in an excel file. Then, I wrote a computer program that analyzed information about the batteries given priorities that the user can input. .While I am proud of my work on the program, there are things that I would improve about the program given the knowledge I have now. Using this program, my team determined that the Tesla Powerwall+ was the most effective battery in most situations. In addition, we had to create a write-up describing our solution to the problem using our research.

Another problem we worked on was the Hanford Water Supply problem. We were given a data set comparing cancer deaths and proximity to contamination. Using Mathematica, we had to graph the data and calculate a line of best fit. Click here to see the document