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EEach Junior at Mass Academy takes either French or Spanish. I am taking French, which I have also taken from 7th to 10th grade. Language classes at MAMS are meant to be total conversion classes, so we do not use any English in class.

This year, in French, we had an assignment to make a meme in French about our school. Translated to English, the meme says, “Doing physics homework after school” and “Doing physics homework in the morning in the library.”

French meme

In addition, we had “Le Jour de Nourriture,” or “The Day of Food.” For this day, we had to prepare a dish from a French speaking country and create a Google Slides presentation on the process. After making the dishes, we shared them for lunch. I made a “gâteau au chocolat végétalien,” or a vegan chocolate cake.

Cake Batter