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Community Service

Over the year, I participated in many community service events. They were important experiences for me. I volunteered at the Ecotarium, helped collect water contamination data, and made food for a homeless shelter.

At the Ecotarium, I helped facilitate two events. The first was called Rocket Day. During the experience, other volunteers and I helped children with various activities such as building parachutes for “rovers.” The other event I helped with was called Feather Fest. During Feather Fest, I helped at a station about bird feet. At the station, children could learn about the feet of different kinds of birds and design their own bird feet based on questions such as “What would you use to grasp your prey?” “What would you need to swim fast?” and “What kind of feet would you want if you were a bird?”

At a different service, I had to help log data collection of water contamination samples. I helped volunteers submit the proper paperwork and store the samples properly.

Finally, I worked with the Sankara Foundation to deliver food to a homeless shelter. I made various meals and helped deliver many of them as well.

Overall, the work that I have done has been very important to many communities, and I gained a lot from the experience.