NEPCA Officers

 Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association Officers, 2011-2012

 President:  Donald Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University

Past President:   David E. Tanner, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

 Executive Secretary and Editor: Robert E. Weir, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Program Chair:  Tim Madigan, Saint John Fisher College (

Executive Council:

                                         David E. Tanner,  Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

                                         Carol Mitchell, Springfield College (term expires 2014)

                                         James Hanlan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (term expires 2014)

Lance Eaton (term expires 2013)

Carol-Ann Farkas, Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (term expires 2013)

Virginia Cowen, University of Dentistry of NJ (term expires 2013)

Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman, Mass College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (term expires 2012)


 The Association's business is conducted through the office of the Executive Secretary. Correspondence should be addressed to:                                         

                                            Robert E. Weir

15 Woods Street

Florence, MA 01062