Established, 1966

(amended 8 March, 1969; 4 May, 1974; 28 April, 1978; 27 October, 1979;

11 April, 1981; 24 April, 1993; 29 April, 1995; 26 April, 2003, ; May 5, 2007)


I. Name.

The organization shall be known as the NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION.


II. Purpose.

(Amended 27 October 1979)


The purpose of the New England Historical Association is to serve the interests of historians in New England and elsewhere, whether professional or amateur, academic or non-academic, by providing them with a forum in which they can: Present and exchange the fruits of their research, study, and teaching experience; meet socially; inform themselves about resources for the study and teaching of history, opportunities for the application of historical learning, and other pertinent facets of the varied practice of history and maintain connections with the historical enterprise in its larger regional and national dimensions.


III. Membership.


Membership is open to all persons who are interested in the study, teaching, or writing of history.


IV. Meetings.

(Amended: 4 May 1974; 29 April 1995; 26 April 2003)


An annual meeting shall be held at a time and place to be set by the Executive Committee. The election of officers shall be held at this meeting and their installation will be at that time. Other meetings may be scheduled throughout the year. The place of meeting may be rotated from campus to campus.


Elections of officers may be conducted by mail ballot provided that ballots are distributed to the membership by mail with the program in advance of the meeting. In such instances, ballots must be returned to the Executive Secretary (or to the Chair of the Nominating Committee when the Executive Secretary stands for election) by mail prior to the meeting or in person by morning Registration at the meeting. Election results shall be announced at the business meeting and installation of officers shall occur at that time.

V. Officers.

(Amended: 8 March 1969; 4 May 1974; 11 April 1982; 29 April 1995).


The officers of the New England Historical Association shall be as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Secretary.

A. President. The President shall be elected annually by a majority vote of the membership. The President shall preside at the meetings and appoint the membership of the award committees of the Association and the editor of NEHA News.

B. Vice-President. The Vice-President shall be elected annually by majority vote of the membership. The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President and shall, in consultation with other members of the Executive Committee, arrange programs for each meeting.

C. Secretary and Treasurer. A Secretary and a Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership for two-year staggered terms.

D. Executive Secretary:

1. Selection. The Association by majority vote of its membership present and voting at any regular meeting may establish an Executive Secretary resident at a host institution

2. Term of office. The Executive Secretary's term of office shall be determined by joint action of the host institution and the Association.

3. Duties. The Executive Secretary shall have the following duties:

a) Maintain a central file of the organization to include minutes and records of meetings, constitutional changes, correspondence, and the like;

b) Maintain and update membership lists;

c) Serve as coordinator for all information about the New England Historical Association;

d) Serve as coordinator for official correspondence to the Association and respond under guidelines established by the Executive Committee;

e) Serve as editor for NEHA News When appropriate another person may be appointed to fulfill this role by the Executive Committee;

f) Handle all notices, mailings, and details of arrangements for meetings of the Association and its committees;

g) Maintain the financial records for the Association and ensure that an annual audit occurs;

h) File annual financial reports to the Internal Revenue Service for the Association as a tax-exempt organization;

i) Seek sources of funds for the Association;

j) Implement decisions of the Association and the Executive Committee.

k) Serve as an ex-officio, non-voting, member of the Executive Committee


VI. Nomination and Election.

(Amended: 8 March 1969 and 14 April 1973)

A Nomination Committee of six shall be elected by the Association for three-year terms. It shall be the duty of the Committee to solicit nominees and to report a slate to the President in sufficient time to be included in the call for the annual meeting.


VII. Executive Committee.

(Amended: 8 March, 1969; 4 May, 1974; 27 October, 1979; 24 April, 1993)


A. There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate past Presidents for the two previous terms, the Vice-President designate, four members on the higher education level elected by majority vote of the membership for two-year terms, and one member who does not hold a full-time position at the College or University level elected by a majority vote of the membership for a two-year term, the Chair of the Nominating Committee ex officio (amended, 27 October, 1979), and the Executive Secretary ex officio, non-voting.


B. The President shall convene the Executive Committee twice at least once between the regular fall and spring meetings of the whole Association.


VIII. Amendment.


This constitution may be amended at any scheduled meeting by a two-thirds vote of the members voting, provided that the proposed amendment has been submitted through the Executive Committee and circulated to the members at least one month prior to the scheduled meeting.


IX. By-laws.


By-laws may be established by a majority vote of the membership present and voting at any regular meeting.




I. Dues.

(Amended 28 April, 1978).


Members of the Association shall be assessed annual dues. Proposed changes in dues shall be voted upon at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Association. Members shall be given prior notice by mail of any proposed changes.


II. Membership categories.

(Amended 28 April, 1978).


Individual membership shall consist of the following categories: regular, students, retired persons.

III. Sponsors.

(Amended 28 April, 1978).


Sponsors of the New England Historical Association shall contribute annually a sum to be determined by the membership at a regularly scheduled meeting.


IV. and V. Guidelines for the Editor of NEHA News and for the Program Chairman were adopted 21 April, 1979. They were published in the April September 1, 1979, issue of NEHA News., and amended December 3, 2005. The guidelines may be amended whenever the Executive Committee thinks it appropriate.


VI. Guidelines for Host Institution for Executive Secretary.

(Approved 11 April, 1981).


The host institution shall provide the following services to the New England Historical Association:

A. Payment for half-time services of the Executive Secretary of the Association;

B. Provision of clerical-secretarial support;

C. Provision of office space, information technology resources, file, and telephone;

D. Payment for maintenance and revision of computerized lists.