Advantages of NEPCA Membership

While NEPCA's annual meetings are similar in quality to those of national associations like the PCA/ACA, NEPCA offers several distinct advantages. First, it is accessible. Junior scholars, independent scholars, and doctoral candidates can participate in panels and are invited to plan sessions and submit them to the program chair. Established scholars who are working on new projects or who are presenting an early or even preliminary version of a forthcoming publication also have access to the program. NEPCA meetings are within easy driving distance and only require the commitment of a weekend, usually with low-cost motel accommodations, thus making them more accessible than national meetings.


Secondly, NEPCA operates on a human scale. Meetings normally include about 100 people interacting and conversing about shared interests. Considerations of rank and status are subordinated to scholarly and collegial concerns. Non-academicians are welcomed and encouraged to share their interests and perspectives with academics on an equal footing.


Thirdly, NEPCA offers a wide variety of sessions on topics of every area of culture studies. Variety offers members new perspectives from scholars in disciplines with whom they often would have little formal interaction. Some sessions will directly address members' teaching or research interests whereas others will relate to more general interests. By sharing in the differing perspectives brought to bear by a variety of intellectual approaches, members can refine and cultivate their own work. NEPCA meetings make for an intellectually stimulating and socially diverse weekend and a valuable professional experience.