(9/30/12--Subject to Change)


Note: Only those papers designated by an asterisk (*) have been confirmed as of the press time for NEPCA News (August 1). Those seeking official confirmation of presentations should pick up the final conference schedule, which will be distributed upon registration.


Deans, department chairs, and others seeking to confirm the actual attendance of those listed on the program should contact Executive Secretary Robert Weir after the conference.



Friday, October 26, 2012: 2:00 PM-3:30 PM

Registration in the Golisano Midway Level, Basil Hall

Friday, October 26, 2012: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM

American and English Literature Basil 118

Chair: Rose De Angelis, Marist College


Rose De Angelis (Marist College): “Transforming Womanhood in Louisa Ermelino’s The Sisters Mallone

Dustin Hannum (University of Rochester): “Identities Politics: Sheppard Lee, Sentimentality, and the Antebellum Problem of Personhood”

Richard J. Gerber (Independent Scholar): “Goo Goo Goo Joob!:The John Lennon/James Joyce Connection Through Lewis Carroll’s “Looking-Glass”


Comics and Graphic Novels I:  Basil 119

Chair: Charles Natoli, St. John Fisher College


Bond Benton and Daniela Peterka-Benton (SUNY Fredonia): “When the Abyss Looks Back: Treatments of Human Trafficking in Superhero Comic Books”

Paul J. Spaeth and Phillip G. Payne (St. Bonaventure University): “Jack Kirby’s (Captain) Americans”

Charles Natoli (St. John Fisher College): “Little Orphan Annie and Conservative Politics”


Global Cultures Basil 206

Chair: Lois Ascher, Wentworth Institute of Technology


Daisy V. Domínguez (The City College of New York): “Native American Athletes and Sports on Film: Intercultural Dialogs”

Emma Elise Pierce Schell (Independent Scholar): “Considering Digital Borders: Online Fans (of Korean Dramas) and Transnational Identity”

Emma Dassori (Pine Manor College): “Gozzi and the Commedia dell’Arte: Salvaging the Sacchi Company”

Lois Ascher (Wentworth Institute of Technology): “‘Sharing Strangers’: Strangers in the Village”


Philosophy I: Ethics and Popular Culture Basil 209

Chair: Tim Madigan, St. John Fisher College


Tim Delaney (SUNY-Oswego): “Street Gang Portrayal in Popular Culture”

Gerald J. Erion (Medaille College): “Through the Fun-House Mirror: Jon Stewart on TV’s Entertainment Bias”

Tim Madigan (St. John Fisher College: “‘And Good-Bye to You Too, Old Rights of Man’: Ethical Dilemmas and Billy Budd”


Religion Basil 210

Chair: Jim Y. Trammell, High Point University


Tim Davis (Columbus State and Otterbein University): “Monk’s Bread: The History of the Commercial Bakery at the Abbey of the Genesee”

Sabatino DiBernardo (University of Central Florida): “A Religion Problem: Classification and the Pathologizing of the Religio-Political Other”

Jim Y. Trammell (High Point University): “Selling Entertainment and Salvation: Thoughts Toward Analyzing Christian Media Marketing”


Visual Culture and Digital Media I: Basil 211

Chair: Tom Proeitti, St. John Fisher College


Tom Proietti (St. John Fisher College): “The Social Revolution: The Future of Media”, a Panel Discussion with 4 Rochester Media Experts


Amanda DeVito, Director of Strategy & Innovation at Butler/Till Media Services

Ray Martino, Partner, Martino Flynn

Julie Goonan, Director of Advertising, Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Steve Dawe, Director of Information, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES


War and Culture: When the Battle is Over: Wars and Their Aftermath Basil 212

Chair: Mark Van Ells, Queensborough Community College


Kyle Reinson (St. John Fisher College) and Carolyn Vacca (St. John Fisher College): “American Hero, Meet Corporate Culture: America’s First Veteran-Owned Radio Station and the Struggle for Identity”

Ginger Cucolo (Independent Scholar): “History of Dog Tags”

Steven Gardiner (Zayed University): “In the Shadow of Service: Veteran Masculinity and Civil-Military Disjuncture in the United States”


Friday, October 26, 2012: 5:15 PM-6:00  PM

Wine and Cheese Reception, Golisano Midway Level, Basil Hall

Friday, October 26, 2012: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM

Auditorium, Basil 135



Dr. Scott Eberle is Vice President for Play Studies at The Strong Museum and editor of the American Journal of Play. He holds a doctorate in Cultural History from the University at Buffalo, and has developed dozens of exhibits for The Strong’s National Museum of Play, lectured widely on historical interpretation, and contributed articles to the American Journal of Play, the Journal of Museum Education, Death Studies, and History News. He is the author, coauthor, or coeditor of four books, including Classic Toys of the National Toy Hall of Fame: A Celebration of the Greatest Toys of All Time! Currently he is co-editing Handbook of the Study of Play, slated for publication in 2014.

Saturday, October 27, 2012: 7:30 AM-8:30 AM

Registration in Cleary Auditorium – Coffee and Continental Breakfast Provided

Saturday, October 27, 2012: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Dance I: Dance in Popular Culture Kearney 308

Chair: Maura Keefe, The College at Brockport


Amanda McCullum (The College at Brockport): “American Reality Shows: Bodily Agency and the ‘Other’”

Oluyinka Akinjiola (The College at Brockport): “Dancing the Orishas: Exporting a Constructed Form of Popular Culture from Havana to Arcata”

Kevin S. Warner (The College at Brockport): “The Visible Effects of So You Think You Can Dance: Reactions to a Popular Culture Phenomenon in Dance Education”

Janet Schroeder (The College at Brockport): “Hybrid or Happenstance?: Vernacular Dance Traditions in Mexico and Appalachia”

Ethnic and Race Studies I Kearney 310

Chair: Mark Madigan, Nazareth College


Alan D. Meyer (Auburn University): “’A Rare Bird….’: Race, Masculinity, and the Community of Pilots in Postwar America”

Nicole Bishop (Niagara University): “White Masculinity in the 21st Century Imagination: The Moral Code of the Reluctant Outlaw on Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy


Gender, Identity, Sex and Sexuality I: (In)Visible Men: Queer Performativity and Theatricality Kearney 312

Chair: Donald Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University


Ryan M. Burns (University of Rhode Island): “Make a Man Out of You”: Masculine Subjectivities in the Films of the “New Disney Era”

David B. Green (University of Michigan): “‘A’Lotta Masculine Guys Like’m with a Tank Full of Sugar’: Black Guy Male Effeminacy in Noah’s Arc

Stefanie Goyette (Harvard University): “Travestied Words, Illegible Genders: Transvestism and Interpretation in the Old French Fabliaux”


Health, Disease and Physical Culture I: Contextual Interpretations of Health and Illness Kearney 314

Chair: Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


Sophie Freestone (University of Chicago): “the Pestilence of London: Women, Hygiene, Prostitution and Pollution”

Virginia S. Cowen (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey): “The War for Health”

Nicole C. Wertz  Edinboro University of Pennsylvania) and Chris J. Minns (Indiana University of Pennsylvania): “The Framing of Health in Health Magazines”

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Legend I: Visions of the Future Kearney 317

Chair: Michael Torregrossa, Independent Scholar


Cory Matieyshen (National University): “Bert the Turtle Won't Save You:American Science Fiction Prose and Criticism of Nuclear Civil Defense During the 1950s”

Derek Newman-Stille (Trent University): “Nalo Hopkinson’s Brown Girl In The Ring and the Use of Speculative Fiction to Disrupt Singular Interpretations of Place”

Özüm Ünal (Bahçeşehir University): “Mothering the ‘Other’: Representation of the Decentered Bodies in Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men

Shannon Tarango (University of California Riverside): “Dystopia in The Hunger Games


Sports I: Field of Dreams: Minor League Baseball Kearney 323

Chair: Robert Weir, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Frank A. Salamone (Iona College):  “Growing Up with the Rochester Red Wings in the Forties and Fifties”

Joseph Price (Whittier College): “Out on a Wing: Reading Frontier Field”

Robert Weir (University of Massachusetts Amherst): “Chicks Dig the Long Ball, but GMS Prefer a High OBS”

Brian P. Moritz (Syracues University): “PTI and The Sport Ethic”


Saturday, October 27, 2012: 10:15 AM-11:45 AM

Comics and Graphic Novels II: Kearney 325

Chair: Lindsey M. Hanlon, Boston College


Lindsey M. Hanlon (Boston College): “Picturing the Enemy: The Construction of the Islamic”

Stephanie Mastrostefano (Rhode Island College): “Bambi, Beast Fables and Judith Butler”



Dance II: Rewriting Dance’s Recent History: The Performance of American Cultures Kearney 308

Chair: Maura Keefe, The College at Brockport


Maura Keefe (The College at Brockport): “Gender Warriors or Dying Swans?:  A Historiography of and by Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo”

Elizabeth Osborn (The College at Brockport): “Democracy as Both Noun and Verb: The Explicit Politics of Judson Dance Theatre”

Karl Rogers (the College at Brockport): “A Camp Site of Desire: Paul Swan Dances Queerly”


Ethnic and Race Studies II Kearney 310

Chair: Mark Madigan, Nazareth College


Samantha Earley (Indiana University Southeast): “Evangelizing Political and Social Change for Nineteenth Century African American People: A Reading of Mrs. Zilpha Elaw’s Spiritual Autobiography Memoirs of the Life, Religious Experience, Ministerial Travels and Labors of Mrs. Zilpha Elaw

Stacy Shaneyfelt: “Beauty and the Beast: An Exploration of the Ugly American Myth and the Postcolonial Otherness in Lahiri’s ‘Interpreter of Maladies’”


Gender, Identity, Sex and Sexuality II: Men on the Margins: Masking Sexuality In and Behind the Prose Kearney 312

Chair: Donald Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University


Benjamin Welton (West Virginia University): “Unmasking the Other: Political and Racial Others in Selected Transatlantic Fiction, 1922-1935”

Ryan Segura (Independent Scholar): “Detecting The Phallus: Homosocial Bonding in Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Purloined Letter’ and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles and A Study in Scarlet”

Heidi Wallace (Buffalo State College): “The Objective Death of Reinaldo Arenas”


Health, Disease and Physical Culture II: Kearney 314

Chair: Carol-Ann Farkas, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy And Health


Victoria Longino (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences): “‘The Building’ and God’s Hotel: Contrasts in Modern Medicine and Lessons in Empathy”

Sandra Dutkowsky (Ithaca College): “The ‘Unpresentable’ in Illness Narratives”


Science Fiction, Fantasy and Legend II: Old Legends, New Stories Kearney 317

Chair: Michael Torregrossa, Independent Scholar


Mary Bridgeman (Trinity College Dublin): “Complex subjects in Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood

Laura Wiebe (McMaster University): “Witches, Elves, and Bioengineers: Magic and Science in Kim Harrison’s The Hollows

Kathleen Mulligan (Providence College): “Robin Hood: from ‘History’ to Folklore and Back Again”

Michael Torregrossa (Independent Scholar): “Once and Future Kings Revisited:The Theme of Arthur Redivivus in Recent Arthuriads of the Comics Medium”


Sports II: The Politics and Economics of Baseball Kearney 323

Chair: Robert Weir, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Michael Lomax (University of Iowa): “A Reshuffling Market: The Pacific Coast League’s Efforts to Become a Third Major League and How the Braves Made Milwaukee Famous”

Michael Haupert (University of Wisconsin La Crosse): “The Demand for Baseball and the Growth of the Entertainment Business”

Bradley A. Rogers (LeHigh University): “Dispatches From the Heart of the Reagan Era”

Connie Ann Kirk (Independent Scholar): "Two Guys Racing History at Watkins Glen"


Saturday, October 27, 2012: Noon-1:15 PM

Buffet Luncheon in the Cleary Auditorium of Kearney Hall

Saturday, October 27, 2012: 1:15 PM-2:45 PM

Gender, Identity, Sex and Sexuality III: Nationhood/Personhood: Latino, Latina, and Spaces Between Kearney 312

Chair: Donald Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University


Joelle Mann (Buffalo State College): “Women of Epic Proportions: Speaking from the Borders of a Dominican-American Epic”

Katie Grainger (University of Washington): “A Discursive Analysis of the Contemporary Representations of the Femme Fatale in Hollywood and Latin American Film”

Melanie Huska (University of Minnesota Twin Cities): “Illegitimacy and Redemption: Gendered Representations of the Nation in Mexican Historical Telenovelas


Health, Disease and Physical Culture III: The Writers and Readers Circle: Vital Signs from Popular Culture and Beyond. Kearney 314

Chair: Christine Parkhurst, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

The Writers and Readers Circle is an informal session that anyone attending the NEPCA conference may participate in by reading from their own or from another author’s creative and expressive writing related to health care. Attendees are welcome to read and reflect on their own health care related writing (poetry, excerpts from longer works such as short stories, memoirs, narratives--published, unpublished, in progress, incubating, etc.) to an interested, supportive audience. Attendees may also read and comment on writing by other authors from popular culture/American culture and beyond and from contemporary and earlier times on subjects that reflect on health care from such perspectives as those of patients, caregivers, family, etc. The Writers and Readers Circle Chair will facilitate the session. Please bring your writing and favorite literature to the conference.


History and Uses of the Past I Kearney 317

Chair: Dougie Bicket, St. John Fisher College

Alyssa Anderson (New York University): “Nunca Más: The Role of Narrative in Creating Justice in Post-Dirty War Argentina”

Dougie Bicket (St. John Fisher College): “Staying above the Fray: The Strange Case of the National Park Service in an Era of Hyper-partisanship”

Allyson Perry (West Virginia University): “The Woman Question in West Virginia Education, 1863-1917"

Alexander Simmeth (University of Hamburg Germany): “‘Krautrock’ and the Transnationalization of Popular Culture”


Philosophy II: Philosophy and the Zeitgeist Kearney 325

Chair: Tim Madigan, St. John Fisher College


Patricia Drumright (Monroe Community College): “The Phantom of the Opera: Spectacular Musical or Archetypal Story?”

Ryan M. Dahl (Independent Scholar): “All Joking Aside: Interpreting the Joker as a Sane and Philosophically-Driven Entity”

Joseph Marren (Buffalo State College): “The Mertonian Journalist”

David White (St. John Fisher College): “Philosophy: Popular, Professional, and Curative”

Science and Technology Kearney 308

Chair: Amos St. Germain, Wentworth Institute of Technology


Dana W. Paxson (Independent Scholar): “Convergences and Collisions: Literature, Technology, Publishing, Visions, Inventions, by One Author”

Frank Rooney (Wentworth Institute of Technology): “The  Betrayal of Technology or the Aphrodisiac of  Power: An Essay”

Lita Tirak (College of William and Mary): “The X-Ray Lady: Surveillance and Identity of the New Woman"

Sports III: Reinforcing and Challenging Norms Kearney 323

Chair: Nicolas Baxter-Moore (Brock University)


Laura Troiano (Rutgers): “Everybody’s Neighborhood Stadium: Memory and Baseball in Newark, NJ”

Donghyuk Sin (University of Iowa): “Alone in the Middle of Nowhere: Stories of the Cultural Plight of Korean Minor League Baseball Players”

Dominic Longo (Independent Scholar): “The Circus Comes to Town: Hank Aaron and

the Indianapolis Clowns in Buffalo”

Nicolas Baxter-Moore (Brock University): "It's Like Déjà Vu All Over Again: Another (near?) Lock-out in the NHL"

Visual Culture and Digital Media II: Kearney 310

Chair: Robert NIemi, St. Michael’s College


Diane Dobry (Independent Scholar): “Dying to Know: Viewers of Paranormal Reality Television Negotiating Topics of Death and the Afterlife Online”

Justin LaLiberty (Independent Scholar): “XXX Parodies, Spectatorship, Fandom and the Public Acceptance of Eros Iconography”

Robert Niemi (St. Michael’s College): ““Fascist Kitsch: Reprising the 'Art' of Thomas Kinkade"

Brian Peterson (Shasta College): “Watching Swing Music: Visual Culture of the American Dance Orchestra, 1935-1941”



Saturday, October 27, 2012: 3:00 PM-4:30 PM


Gender, Identity, Sex and Sexuality IV: Violence and Gender Issues in Film Kearney 312

Chair: Donald Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University


Chelsea Daggett (Boston University): “The Importance of Psychoanalytic Feminism to Post-feminism: Sucker Punch

Zehui Dai (University of Arkansas): “Captivity Narratives and the Positions of Female Captives in Soldier Blue and Dances with Wolves

David Tanner (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences):  Cape Fear and Cuckoo’s Nest: Cultural Discourse on Dangerous Men” 


History and Uses of the Past II Kearney 317

Chair: James R. Belpedio, Becker College


Cynthia B. Ricciardi (Independent Scholar): “Genealogy in the 21st Century: The Dramatic Potential of Lineage”

Jennifer J. Richardson (SUNY Potsdam) and Brian J. Snee (Hyperreel: Adapting to Documentary Film Theory”

James R. Belpedio (Becker College): “Lux Presents Noir: The Presentation of Film Noir Adaptation to Radio on ‘Lux Radio Theater’”

Thomas Grace (Erie Community College): “Kent State Revisited”


Marketing and Advertising Kearney 308

Chair: Robert MacGregor, Bishops University


Robert MacGregor (Bishops University): “Rat Poison Advertising in America: The First 100 Years”

Christian Nelson (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences): “Dove and the Beauty Double Bind”


Music Kearney 314

Chair: Christopher Culp, University at Buffalo


Christopher Culp (University at Buffalo): “No-place Like Queer Utopia: Failed Optimism in Musical Theatre”

Christine A. Kelly (George Washington University):  “‘A Link in a Chain:’ An Audiotopic Analysis of Pete Seeger, 1955 – 1962”

Zachary Richter (Western Connecticut State University): “Revealing the Spectacle Between Bass Drops: a Situationist Reading of Nero”

Adam Szetela (Independent Scholar): “‘I Go to Obama Rallies Screamin' Out McCain!’: An Exploration of Tyler the Creator and Post-Race Hip-Hop"


Television Kearney 323

Chair: Carol Mitchell, University of Massachusetts


Tom Gallagher (La Salle University): “Leverage and Alcohol Addiction”

Andrea McClanahan (East Stroudsburg University of PA): “Is Prince Charming Still a Prince? A Critical Analysis of the Portrayals of Prince Charming and Masculinity in Current Television Programming”

Todd Sodano (St. John Fisher College): "Say It Again: Aaron Sorkin and Dialogue Repetition on The West Wing."

Amos St. Germain (Wentworth Institute of Technology): “WOOF:  Rin Tin Tin and the Hero Dogs”


Visual Culture and Digital Media III Kearney 10

Chair: Don Vescio, Worcester State University


Jeremy Sarachan (St. John Fisher College): “’Missing Daddy’: The Exclusion of Fathers in Mainstream Parenting Magazines”

Leah Shafer (Hobart and William Smith Colleges): “I Can Haz an Internet Aesthetic?!? LOLCats and the Digital Marketplace”

Don Vescio (Worcester State University): “Digital Memory Never Forgets”

Diane Williamson (Independent Scholar):  “Children’s Television and Emotional Literacy”



Saturday, October 27, 2012: 5:00 PM-7:00 PM


Board Meeting (Open to NEPCA Members) Basil 213








The conference will take place at St. John Fisher College. Those using a GPS system should program it for 3690 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618-3597.

St. John Fisher College is located 6 miles southeast of Rochester, NY, in the suburb of Pittsford. The NYS Thruway runs south of the city.

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Those wishing to print a campus map before arriving should go to: http://www.sjfc.edu/dotAsset/112244.pdf

Estimated driving times from major NEPCA area cites are:

Buffalo, NY

1 1/4 hours

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Albany, NY

4 hours

Pittsburgh, PA

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New York, NY

6 hours

Hartford, CT

6 hours

Boston, MA

7 hours



The Rochester Amtrak Station is located at 320 Central Avenue Rochester, NY 14605 and is about 7 miles (and a 10 minute ride) from the St. John Fisher College campus. Cabs are readily available outside the train station. Here is the Amtrak website: http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=am/am2Station/Station_Page&code=ROC

Air Travelers

The Greater Rochester International Airport is located at 1200 Brooks Avenue. Rochester, NY 14624 and is about 10 miles (and a 15 minute ride) from the St. John Fisher College campus. Cabs are readily available outside the terminal. Here is the Greater Rochester International Airport website: http://www.monroecounty.gov/airport-index.php/


In your registration packets you will receive a booklet from the VisitRochester organization listing many restaurants by location and dining choices. A copy may also be found on their website: http://www.visitrochester.com/includes/media/docs/2012GRV_unGrrr.pdf


We have arranged for a special conference rate of $107.00 plus tax at the Brookwood Inn, 800 Pittsford-Victor Road, Pittsford, New York 14534. The rates will be available from Thursday, October 25th through Sunday, October 28th. You must make your reservation BEFORE September 26, 2012 to assure receiving the special rate. The hotel is 6 minutes and a 5 mile drive from the St. John Fisher College campus. Complimentary shuttle service to/from the Greater Rochester International Airport is provided. To make a reservation, call 585-258-9000 and be sure to ask for the NEPCA rate. The hotel’s website is www.thebrookwoodinn.com

Other hotels (including estimated rates and distance from the campus) in the immediate St. John Fisher College area may be found at the following website: http://www.hotels-rates.com/hotels/locations/Rochester/NY/usa/1278/


For those who have time before or after the conference, the following popular culture-related attractions should be of interest. Your registration packet will have discount coupons available, and details will be sent ahead of time as well:

The Corning Museum of Glass: http://www.cmog.org/

The National Museum of Play at the Strong Museum: http://www.museumofplay.org/

Ravenwood Golf Club: http://www.ravenwoodgolf.com/

RockVentures Climbing and Teambuilding Center: http://rockventures.net/

The Susan B. Anthony Museum and House: http://susanbanthonyhouse.org/index.php

For a list of other attractions please see the VisitRochester site: http://www.visitrochester.com/