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Archive 2014

December 2014
Mahnaz presented her research on "CO2 Wettability, Adsorption and Flow on Clay Surfaces and Pores: Atomistic to Molecular Scale Investigation" in the Stanford Center for Carbon Storage in Stanford, CA.

November 2014
Erik attended AIChE 2014 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA and presented his research on "Evaluation of Oxidized Mercury Species Desorbed from Hg Sorbents for Coal-Fired Flue Gas Applications" and "Establishing Analytical Adsorption Methods for Pore Characeteristic Evaluation in Gas Shales".

August 2014
Erik gave an invited talk on "Research in the Clean Energy Conversions Laboratory" at TDA Research, Inc. Wheat Ridge, CO.

July 2014
Erik presented his research on "Designing Structured Carbon Sorbents for CO2 Capture through Experimental and Monte Carlo Simulation Insights" in 2014 Workshop on Atomistic Simulation for Industrial Need. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD.

July 2014
Congratulations to Jen on the delivery of her new baby girl, Mazzie!

June 2014
Erik gave a presentation on "Evaluation and Tuning of Structured Carbon Sorbents for CO2 Capture" in NASA Workshop on CO2-Based Manufacturing in Mountain View, CA.

June 2014
Erik participated in RECS 2014. Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration (RECS) is an annual summer school for education and training experience in CCUS. More about RECS

May 2014
Congratulations to CEC group members for their recent publications!

  • CEC group published "Revisiting Film Theory to Consider Approaches for Enhanced Solvent-Process Design for Carbon Capture Science" in Energy and Environmental Science. Read
  • CEC group published "Advancing Adsorption and Membrane Separation Processes for the Gigaton Carbon Capture Challenge" in Annual Review on Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Read
Also, please see other recent publications here!

May 2014
Jen was recently interviewed for the Stanford Report. Check out the report here

May 2014
Mahnaz presented her poster on "Role of Clay Minerals within Gas Shale in the Context of CO2 Transport and Storage" in the Stanford Center for Carbon Storage Annual Meeting in Stanford, CA.

April 2014
Congratulations to Mengyao on her recent publication in the Journal of Membrane Sciences.
Yuan, M., K. Narakornpijit, R. Haghpanah, J. Wilcox, Consideration of a Nitrogen-selective Membrane for Postcombustion Carbon Capture through Process Modeling and Optimization, J. Mem. Sci., 465, 177-184 (2014).

April 2014
Beibei presented her research work in RCN-CCUS conference hosted by Earth Institute at Columbia University, NY.

April 2014
Kyoungjin, Ji-Eun and Mengyao presented their research work in the School of Earth Sciences' Annual Research Review. Check out the video featuring the event! View video

April 2014
Beibei won the 2nd place among MS students at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Western Regional Student Paper Contest. Congratulations!

April 2014
A review on the book, Carbon Capture (2012), was featured in the April 2014 issue of The Catalyst Review. Read the review

April 2014
A short review on Carbon Capture (2012) is featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Cornerstone magazine. Read the review.

March 2014
Jen edited a special issue on the International Journal of Coal Geology: Adsorption and fluid transport phenomena in gas shales and their effects on production and storage. Mahnaz also contributed to the journal's article. Find the issue here

March 2014
Congratulations to Bryce! He was selected for Stanford Woods Institute's Rising Environmental Leaders Program, and participated in a weeklong Bootcamp in DC.

March 2014
Congratulations to Mahnaz on her recent two publications in the International Journal of Cal Geology.
Firouzi, M., K. Alnoaimi, A. Kovscek, J. Wilcox, Klinkenberg effect on predicting and measuring helium permeability in gas shales, Int. J. Coal Geol., 123, 62-68 (2014)
Firouzi, M., E. Rupp, C.W. Liu, J. Wilcox, Molecular simulation and experimental characterization of the nanoporous structures of coal and gas shale, Int. J. Coal. Geol., 121, 123-128 (2014)

February 2014
Congratulations to Ni on her recent publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.
Rochana, P., K. Lee, J. Wilcox, Nitrogen Adsorption, Dissociation, and Subsurface Diffusion on Vanadium (110) Surface: A DFT Study for the Nitrogen-Selective Catalytic Membrane Application, J. Phys. Chem. C., 118 (8), 4238-4249 (2014)

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Archive 2013

November 2013
CEC group attended AIChE 2013 in San Franciso, CA. Erik, Mahnaz, Dawn, Jiajun, Kyoungjin, Ji-Eun, Mengyao and Beibei presented their research work.

Lunch in Chinatown after Mengyao's first ever talk in AIChE 2013.

October 2013
Bryce, Jiajun and Kyoungjin attended Air Quality conference in Arlington, VA.

September 2013
CEC group participated in the Halfmoon Bay Marathon. Jen won the 3rd place in women's half-marathon and Bryce won the 5k race! The group had a party with gourmet Persian food and welcomed Praveen joining the group.

September 2013
Beibei and Ji-Eun presented their recent research works in International Pittsburgh Coal Conference held in Beijing, China.

September 2013
Jen gave a presentation on novel CO2 capture materials and Kyoungjin presented a poster on nitrogen-selective membrane in American Chemical Society meeting in Indianapolis.

Lunch with David, Pete, and Jun

August 2013
CEC's mercury work featured as an SSRL highlight! Mercury adsorption mechanism on brominated activated carbon was quantified through XAS and EXAFS studies.
Read more

June 2013
Beibei and Bryce participated in RECS 2013. Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration (RECS) is an annual summer school for education and training experience in CCUS. More about RECS
Beibei at Plant Miller, Alabama Power's flagship coal-fired power plant

Bryce with Chris Hobson, SouthernCo VP & Chief Enviro Officer

June 2013
Abby, Ana, and Tao successfully graduated this year. Congratulations!

June 2013
Kyoungjin and Mengyao presented their posters in North American Membrane Society (NAMS) in Boise, ID.

June 2013
CEC group had a party to celebrate the graduation of Abby, Ana, and Tao. Congratulations!

May 2013
CEC group participated in the 11th International Conference on the Fundamentals of Adsorption. Jen, Erik and Jiajun gave presentations on the group's recent research work on CO2 adsorption.

April 2013
Congratulations on Kyoungjin on winning the 3rd place at the 10th Annual Stanford School of Earth Sciences Research Review in the Poster Presentation division on April 12, 2013 in Stanford's Y2E2 Building. Her winning poster "Nitrogen separation via Group V metal and metal alloy membranes for post-combustion carbon capture" was chosen from 21 entries of PhD, MS and undergraduate students from School of Earth Sciences. Congratulations Kyoungjin!

January 2013
Congratulations to Mahnaz on her recent publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics.
M. Firouzi, and J. Wilcox, “Slippage and Viscosity Predictions in Carbon Micropores and their Influence on CO2 and CH4 Transport ” Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 064705 (2013).

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Archive 2012

Novermber 2012
A book review for Carbon Capture is available!
Book review on Carbon Capture (Jennifer Wilcox, Springer Science + Business Media, LLC, New York, NY, USA, 2012), International Journal of Coal Geology, In press.

October 2012
Graduate students Jiajun He and Kyoungjin Lee recently presented their research on "Characterization and CO2 Sorption Properties of Materials for CCS Applications" and "Investigation of Catalytic Mercury Oxidation Kinetics on Supported Gold" at the 29th annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

September 2012
Mahnaz is awarded the SUPD Postdoc Research Award at the 2nd Annual SUPD Research Symposium. Congratulations! 2nd Annual SUPD Research Symposium,Sept. 20th, 2012

July 2012
Congratulations to Abby on her recent publication in Energy and Environmental Science.
A. Kirchofer, A. Brandt, S. Krevor, V. Priqiobbe, J. Wilcox, Impact of alkalinity sources on the life-cycle energy efficiency of mineral carbonation technologies, Energy and Environmental Science, 5, 8631-8641 (2012)

June 2012
Congratulations to Yangyang, Ni and Ekin for their graduation!

June 2012
Congratulations to Ekin on winning the 2nd place at the student poster competition at the 22nd Annual Meeting of North American Membrane Society (NAMS) held in New Orleans, LA on June 11, 2012. Her winning poster "Nitrogen-Selective Membranes for Carbon Capture Applications" was chosen from 50 entries in the Gas Separations division. NAMS awards program is designed to encourage and support outstanding individuals that have made significant contributions to the advancement of membrane technology.

February 2012
Congratulations to Mahnaz on her recent publication in Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.
M. Firouzi, and J. Wilcox, Molecular Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Transport and Storage in Porous Carbon-Based Materials”, Journal of Microporous & Mesoporous Materials 158, 195-203 (2012).

January 2012
Jen finishes her book on Carbon Capture, coming out in March 2012
Wilcox, J. Carbon Capture, Springer Publishing, to appear in March 2012, In Production

January 2012
Congratulations to the CEC team for their recent mercury review publication in the International Journal of Coal Geology.
J. Wilcox, E. Rupp, S.C. Ying, D.H. Lim, A.S. Negreira, A. Kirchofer, F. Feng, K. Lee, Mercury adsorption and oxidation in coal combustion and gasification processes, invited review to International Journal of Coal Geology, 90-91, 4-20 (2012)

January 2012
Congratulations to Yangyang on her recent publication in the Environmental Science and Technology journal.
Y. Liu, J. Wilcox, Effects of Surface Heterogeneity on the Adsorption of CO2 in Microporous Carbons, Environ. Sci. Technol., 46, 1940-1947 (2012)

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Archive 2011

December 2011
Jen gives a 6-day workshop on CCS at Chulalongkorn University.

December 2011
Congratulations to Dong-Hee on his recent two publications in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.
D.-H. Lim, J. Wilcox, Mechanisms of the Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Defective Graphene-Supported Pt Nanoparticles from First-Principles, J. Phys. Chem. C, 116, 3653-3660 (2012)
D.-H. Lim, J. Wilcox, DFT-based Study on Oxygen Adsorption on Defective Graphene-Supported Pt Nanoparticles, J. Phys. Chem. C, 115, 22742-22747 (2011)

December 2011
CEC in the Stanford Report: Scrub carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere? Too expensive, says Stanford researcher, Jennifer Wilcox. Better to start with the smokestacks of coal-burning power plants.

September 2011
Clean Energy Conversion Group Supports the inaugural Half Moon Bay marathon by volunteering at the Poplar Aid Station.

September 2011
Welcome new group members, Erik Rupp (Research Associate), Jiajun He (PhD candidate), Kyoungjin Lee (PhD candidate), Feng Feng (MS candidate), and Tao Narakornpijit (MS candidate). The CEC had four graduates in June 2011 and these four additions in September 2011.

September 2011
Congratulations to Bihter Padak on her recent tenure-track faculty position in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of South Carolina.

July 2011
July 26th, 2011, Mahnaz delivers Elena!

June 2011
Congratulations to Keith Mosher, Bihter Padak, Erdem Sasmaz, and Ondra Sestak on completing their graduate degrees in the Energy Resources Engineering Department.

May 2011
Jen was a co-author of a 2-year effort led by Rob Socolow (Princeton) and Mike Desmond (BP) and directed by the American Physical Society to assess the feasibility of direct air capture of CO2 by chemicals. The final report can be accessed here.

February 2011
Congratulations to Bihter Padak for receiving the Lieberman Fellowship to support her final year in her PhD. The Gerald J. Lieberman Fellowships were established in 1993 to honor Stanford Professor and Provost Gerald Lieberman for his many years of distinguished service to the University. Designed to support the next generation of academic leaders across a broad array of disciplines, the Lieberman Fellowships are awarded to advanced doctoral students nominated by each school's Dean. The honorees intend to pursue careers in university teaching and research and have demonstrated potential for leadership roles within the academic community.

February 2011
Congratulations to Yangyang Liu, Ekin Ozdogan, Panathita Rochana, and Ana Suarez for their recent publications in Environmental Science & Technology, J. Physical Chemistry B, Surface Science, and Physical Review B, respectively.

February 2011
Graduate students Erdem Sasmaz and Keith Mosher recently presented their research on "Mercury Capture from Simulated Flue Gases" and "CO2 and Methane Adsorption in Carbon-based Systems" at the annual Electric Utilities Environmental Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

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