Course Description

Humanities is taught by Mrs. Small. This course covers a variety of topics under the umbrella of humanities but everything taught is related back to what it means to be human. Some topics we have covered include satire, race, and stereotypes. We also strive to improve our writing and grammar abilities while going deeper into these more complicated subjects.

Walden Skit

One of the first assignments we had in humanities was to write and perform a skit that was derived from our reading of Walden over the summer. In groups, we talked about our experience, summed up our thoughts and made a creative skit. Our skit focuses on the whole of Thoreau's life and how his experiences lead him there. You can read the finished product below.

Satire Essay

A topic I found very interesting was satire. It is a complicated subject that has many levels. The essay below is analyzing a satire and a serious article talking about the same matter. It breaks down the components of each and which piece argues their point more effectively. You can read the final piece below.