Course Description

At Mass Academy, you can take French or Spanish at either an advanced or intermediate level. All of these are taught by Mrs. Wildfong and are completely immersive. All levels focus on participation and personal improvement over the year. We have activities such as reading books, listening to music, watching movies, and making movies.

Recipe Presentation

This presentation covered a recipe that I made for a class lunch that we had. We all chose a different french food and made it in preparation for lunch the day after. After enjoying the meal, we each made a presentation on the food we chose, explaining the origin of the dish, the process of making it, and what we would do differently if we made it again. We also incorporated the conditional tense to as always, practice our grammar. My dish was macarons, a french dessert made out of eggs, sugar and coconut. You can find out more about them below.

Fairy Tale

One writing activity we did was a fairytale. This specific assignment also was to help us practice the passé compose and the imparfait, both past tenses. This lets us be creative with our French and find lots of interesting vocabulary while improving our grammar and writing. My story tells the tale of a boy who gets turned into one of Mr. Ellis’ (my physics teacher) Frisbee and learns how to speak up for himself.