Computer Science

Course Description

Computer Science is taught by Mrs. Taricco. In this class we primarily focus on learning Java combined with some web and app development. In A-Term we design a website, which you are looking at currently, and update it as the year passes. In C and D terms we work on Apps for Good where as a team, we develop an App to solve a problem.

Guess a Number

One piece of code I found fun was Guess a Number. We had to code a short game where the computer picked a random number between 1-100 and the “player” would guess. The output would tell you if you were too high or too low until you guessed the number correctly. Although relatively simple, I found it fun as it was one of the first products that felt truly interactive. You can see my code below.

Here is an example of an output from Guess a Number

Line Art

Line Art was a program we had to solve. We had to copy the image shown below using only straight lines. The code had to be efficient so we couldn't draw out every single line with a different piece of code. Therefore I split it into the four corners and focused on one at a time. I started with a line reaching the perimeter on two sides and then created a new line.

Here is the output from Line Art

Apps For Good

Apps For Good is along term group project where you develop an App to solve a problem in your community. My groups project was design an App to encourage specifically middle school age students to build healthy work and lifestyle habits, such as time management, exercise, and drinking water. The application consists of a habit tracker, schedule builder, and to-do list along with fun graphics and “pet” avatars to appeal to a younger audience while helping them to develop important life skills and habits.


Important Features and Minimum Viable Product

Our minimum viable product included a Drag-n-drop to-do list, a schedule, a habit tracker, and fun graphics and incentives. We met all of these requirements successfully building the app. This was done in Godot, a game engine, in GD Script. The To-Do listwas built using a "Kanban" style functionality with "To-Do", "Doing", and "Done" sections. The schedule was a daily calendar from 6am to 10pm as to not allow for over booking. The habit tracker had preset options to keep track of important daily tasks such as exercise and homework. Finally, we had a home screen with an avatar that the user can control. Ideally we will add more assets in the future to the home screen can be personalized