Hello, welcome to my website!

A photo of Mount Kahtahdin in Maine

Hi, my name is Liam Morrison. I currently attend The Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science (Mass Academy). I previously attended The Bromfield School from grades six through 10 in my hometown of Harvard, MA. I was born on the coast of Maine in Rockland, but my family soon moved to Harvard. My family includes my older sister Fiona, mom, dad, and dog Zoe. Fiona shares my love of the outdoors, perhaps even to a greater extent than I. She has danced classical ballet all her life. My mom, a social worker, has always nurtured my love of soccer and baking. My dad, a professor at Assumption University located very near Mass Academy, showed me and my sister the wonders of the outdoors during many incredible trips throughout our early years. Last but not least is our dear dog Zoe. Though she has a questionable amount of intelligence, we love her all the same.


Soccer: I have played soccer for as long as I can remember. It has always been a positive outlet for me to work out my energy, get fit, and to hang out with friends. Only recently did I become serious about playing. Attending The Bromfield School, which encompasses grades six -12, made it possible for me to join the junior varsity high school team while in middle school. Playing with older teammates and against bigger and faster opponents kindled a love for the sport. In 9th grade I was invited to join the varsity team, which at that point had won the MIAA state championship twice in a row. Our team had another amazing run and won for a third time. Thankfully I am allowed to keep playing for the Bromfield Trojans while attending Mass Academy. This fall (2021) our team had a fourth run at a championship. I am happy to say that we are keeping the streak alive as the 2021 Division 5 State Champions! I hope to continue next year as a senior and keep our place as one of the best soccer teams in Massachusetts. Bromfield boys’ soccer players have a tradition. Once the team earns a place in the state tournament, we get matching haircuts in keeping with the school mascot, The Trojan. You can see in the photo to the left how we looked during our last tournament. Hopefully we’ll all be getting similar cuts next year down on Depot Field in Harvard, MA. Stay tuned for an update!

Music: I have played various instruments over the years none of which I consistently play now. I began with Piano as we had one in our house and found the sounds my sister played enjoyable. I soon moved onto guitar and took lessons for five years. Now I only pick it up occasionally along with the ukulele. In 6th grade I joined the concert band and played trumpet. I went to a small school so when my instructor asked me to switch to euphonium I felt inclined to do so. I played up until I left for Mass Academy where I unfortunately do not have much time for music. I still enjoy music in general and relearning an instrument from time to time is a great afternoon.

Track and field: I have not been doing track for nearly as long as I have been doing soccer, yet it is my preferred sport. I tried it out in 7th grade and was immediately hooked when I began pole-vaulting. I then promptly broke my wrist, halting my career until the year after. In 8th grade I added hurdling to my repertoire and quickly gained experience. I was able to attend the 2019 New Balance Nationals event and I came in 18th for my age group. I remember it as one of my favorite track meets ever and further convincing myself that I would continue with this new sport. Now I compete in many events hoping to try a decathalon this spring but my favorites include the 110 meter hurdles, the pole vault, and the discus.


Being outdoors: I love being outdoors and many hobbies stem from this. From camping, hiking, swimming and kayaking to just leisurely chilling in a hammock with a good book, it's always been a calming place for me. I enjoy day trips on the weekends to longer trips over the summer. One of my favorite hikes of all time is climbing Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park. It is 5,269 ft tall which is relatively small, but it's a beautiful hike while also being pretty technical taking my friends and I almost 12 hours to complete.

Baking and cooking: Although very casual, I enjoy baking and cooking whenever I have the extra time. I also think it's a very important life skill, therefore I can bake a cake and feel good about myself. In all seriousness, it is very satisfying to complete a recipe and have it come out well. Cooking with friends is even better. The product may be unrecognizable but its much more fun. Seen here is a soup I made that turned out surprisingly well for all the chaos that ensued. One of my favorite treats of all time is pumpkin bread. My recipe is super simple and almost everyone loves it. Try it yourself here!

Community Service

For my junior year community service, I mostly volunteered at Fivesparks. Fivesparks is community arts center whose goal is to provide equal access and opportunities to broaden our communities cultural and social experiences. I have various roles, but I primarily welcome anyone who comes into the building and assist them as needed. I also help set up exhibits, working with the artists to create the ideal experience for any visitors, and I set up events such as art classes or local concerts.

Future Community Service: This summer I plan to continue with Fivesparks as well as start other service projects. Currently, I have been planning with a a few friends and mentors a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, to host, organize, and fund a soccer camp for students during their July break. This project is still in the planning phase but we are working with the non-profit LifeZone to make it a reality.