Math Modeling

Taught by Mrs. Burns

In math modeling, the students are expected to collaborate with each other to solve challenging problems. In class, we use a combination of different forms of mathematics to solve problems. As the class name suggests, the projects that we do in this class are modeling math problems. For these problems, there are infinite ways to approach them. The important takeaway is applying your knowledge of math to form methods to complete the problems.


In the month of November, I grouped up with 3 other friends to participate in the math modeling competition, the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM). Together, we spent 2 and half days analyzing data in order to find a possible solution to a real-world problem. In the end, we submitted a research paper. The experience helped form stronger bonds with my group members. From 6:00 in the morning to 1:00 at night, we would work on the problem. It is a moment of brotherhood and trust, knowing that these classmates can be trusted to help you throughout the year. HiMCM acts as the final ice breaker.

Pythagoras High School Funding

Throughout the year, modeling problems were assigned like the Pythagoras High School Funding problem. Context was provided in the problem, then I used Mathematica to solve which football season ticket is the best option for the school.