Intermediate Spanish

Taught by Ms. Wildfong

This class is taught by Mrs. Wildfong. At MAMS, she teaches Advanced Spanish and French, and Intermediate Spanish and French. In intermediate Spanish, Mrs. Wildfong combines some of the more experienced Spanish speakers with the new students who are new to Spanish. Those with more experience help the students with less experience. This way, everyone will be able to speak more fluently at the end of the school year. This class is very collaborative: more discussions, activities, and writing. Everybody is required to speak Spanish when in class.

Artist Presentation

At the start of the year, we learn how to describe something is simple terms. This artist presentation is a way to show our ability to describe artworks of a Spanish-speaking artist. My specific artist was JoaquĆ­n Sorolla, 1863 - 1923. I selected 3 artworks from Sorolla. Then I prepared a presentation that describes the paintings.

Spanish Memes

A fun assignment that all sections complete is making 3 memes about anything related to Mass Academy. Classes, Bournedale, other students, teachers, etc, could be made into memes. I made 1 meme about STEM work, 1 meme about Mass Academy in general, and 1 meme about the Walden reading. This assignment is creative and it helps connect with other students.