Taught by Mrs. Small

Humanities combines both History and English classes into one. This class is driven by discussions, which is very different from the lecture-based learning most of us are used to. We are able to express our thoughts more freely, create our own essay-prompts, and exploring the meaning of being human.

Bournedale Thoreau Skit

One fun project in Humanities is writing a skit with a group of classmates. The skit can be anything related to Thoreau and his life at Walden. My group and I decided to portray the personality of Thoreau by placing him in a presidential debate with Donald Trump and Joseph Biden. The process is fun. In the end, we perform our skits at Bournedale Camp.

Bournedale Play

In-Class Satirical Essay

One unit in Humanities is Satire Reading and Writing. We analyzed satire readings and videos and learned about satirical devices. We spent a relatively short time learning as much as we could about how to use and apply satirical devices. At the end of the unit, we wrote an in-class essay about a satirical prompt of our choice. I chose to analyze the uses of satirical devices from the video "Teacher in the New Future."