After 16 years of speed skating, I have made this video to showcase my greatest achievements.

From the age of 2 years old, I started skating on ice. A year later, I began inline skating. Ever since, I have never stopped training for speed skating on both ice and inline wheels. I have always liked to skate fast because the feeling of skating almost as fast as a car on the street gets me excited. I am currently ranked nationally for all three forms of speedskating: Short-Track speed skating, Long-Track Speed skating, and Inline (Marathon) speed skating.

Here is a link to a school newspaper article about my experience at Northshore Inline Marathon, 2021

Inline Skating ST Nationals LT Nationals

Top left picture: Short-Track speed skating

Top right picture: Inline speed skating

Bottom picture: Long-Track speed skating.

Community Service

Bay State Speedskating Club

Bay State Speedskating Club (BSSC) is a non-profit organization that introduces people of all ages to the sport of speed skating. I am a speed skater and an assistant coach at BSSC where I mainly help skaters at an intermediate level. This club has trained skaters that have entered the US National Speed Skating Team. If you are interested in trying a new sport such as speed skating, please go to Bay State Speedskating Club