Taught by Mrs. Chase

Advanced Physics teaches students who know about physics and students who do not. Like Math Modeling, we help each other solve challenging physics problems. We learn different concepts and apply them to labs and projects. In the end, this class covers all of the content of both the AP Physics Calc. and AP Physics Alg. exams

Quantifying Motion Lab

The first unit we covered in class was the Kinematics Unit. In this unit, we covered topics such as displacement, velocity, and acceleration. Additionally, this unit introduced us to develop skills necessary for the rest of the year such as Vernier Graphical Analysis and Excel.

In our first unit, we implemented the kinematic concepts into this lab: Quantifying Motion. These labs allow students to demonstrate what they have learned from the unit, and it practices their writing skills used for our STEM thesis later on in the year.

Dynamics Lab

The next unit cover by Mrs. Chase was the Dynamics Unit. Here, we learn concepts that act as an alternative to kinematics such as force, energy, power, momentum, and collisions. In class, we apply them in pulleys, ramps, elevators, and crash carts.

In this unit, we picked a lab of our choice related to dynamics and demonstrated how to obtain a target quantity using the concepts we learned in class.