Welcome to My Website!!!

My name is Jaylin Li, and I am a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Sciences at WPI. I was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 2005. Two years later, I moved to Rochester, Minnesota, where I lived for 11 years. At 13, my family and I moved to Northborough, Massachusetts.


I like to move around whenever I have free time. Exercises such as biking helps me relax. I also like to travel (especially to the North). One of my biggest wishes on my bucket list is to travel to Alaska and experience the view from the mountains.


The farthest North I have been to is Banff National Park in Canada. I have been to Banff three times, once with family and twice with friends. I love the view of the green mountains that surround the town in the park. The glaciers are my favorite part because you are surrounded by vast blue and white ice, snow, and flowing water.

Another memorable vacation I had was when I went to Acadia National Park in Maine. The sunrise there was beautiful, and so were the surrounding mountains and island. The pictures below are my favorite pictures from Acadia National Park.

Acadia Clam Beach AcadiaSunrise