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a bibliography on america
for ed dorn

detail from a.k. lobeck, physiographic diagram of the united states, (madison: wisconsin geographical press, 1922), rep. in richard e. fuller, "the geomorphology and volcanic sequence of steens mountain in southeastern oregon," university of washington publications in geology 3.1 (1931): 1-150.

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A Bibliography on America for Ed Dorn was first delivered by Charles Olson to Ed Dorn at Black Mountain College in 1955, after Dorn requested that Olson provide him with some suggestions for reading "about the West."

A Bibliography on America for Ed Dorn was later published by the Four Seasons Foundation in 1964, reprinted in Olson's Additional Prose, ed. George F. Butterick (Bolinas: Four Seasons, 1974), and then reprinted again in Olson's Collected Prose, ed. Donald Allen and Benjamin Friedlander (Berkeley: U of California P, 1997): 297-310.

As Allen and Friedlander note, "The Bibliography is much more an essay on methodology than a list of books. Nonetheless, in the course of his exposition Olson specifically cites ... texts" (435). This digital interface is not a reprinting of that essay, but rather a partial list of links to the authors and texts cited therein, with further links to additional archives and figures that Olson mentions or alludes to in passing.

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