Immersion Spanish

Course Description

Foreign Language at Mass Academy is taught by Mrs. Wildfong. I took Spanish, but there was an option for French as well. In class, we speak no English, at all. Even filler words, such as “so,” “yeah,” and others are not accepted. This leads to a full immersion in the language, hence the title of the course being “Immersion Spanish”. Because going into the Academy, I could not speak Spanish as well as I had liked, simply because I was not forced to in my previous Spanish classes. For this reason, I am in intermediate Spanish rather than advanced. To reinforce our understanding of the language, we create presentations that show what we know about what has been taught so far.

Art Presentation

One example of these presentations is an Art Presentation. We created a slideshow of paintings from one artist, describing the style of the paintings, and the colors in each painting. We also did a little research about the background on the artist themselves, such as where they come from and their birthday. The slideshow can be found below.

Coquito Cheesecake Presentation

Another presentation we completed was a Food Presentation. We chose a recipe in Spanish from a Spanish-speaking country and prepared it. We then created a slideshow about our recipe, with photos we took while prepping the dish. This was a practice of using preterit tense, and since I knew how, the conditional tense. My recipe was Coquito Cheesecake, which is a Puerto Rican dessert. My family enjoyed it very much, as it was prepared without alcohol, although Coquito normally does have alcohol in it. The slideshow can be found below.