Science and Technical Writing (STW)


STW at Mass Academy is taught by Dr. Crowthers. The focus of the course is on how to read and write your own scientific papers, section by section. This course helped with writing the STEM Thesis during STEM 1 and will likely help with future research. This class and STEM 1 overlapped a lot, partly because the same teacher taught both courses, but mostly because the courses complement each other.

Project Proposal

Below is my Project Proposal, in PDF form. It can also be accessed here.

February Fair Poster

Below is my February Fair Poster and slides, in PDF form. They can also be accessed here.

Project Notes

To become experts in our fields, we had to do our research, and a lot of it. Dr. C encouraged us to fill in our knowledge gaps and during one-on-one meetings, recommended we read up on certain subjects to further ensure we have the depth in our field required to present. The Project Notes document is where we took notes on these subjects, and mine is on the left. It can also be accessed through this link.

Lit Review

The Literature Review shows the extensive research we have done, through synthesizing the important sources in our Project Notes. The goal of the paper was to confirm that my project was filling a gap in my field and acknowledging what is already there to try to fill the gap. My Lit Review is on the right and can also be accessed through this link.

Stats Presentation

The Stats Presentation was a group project we did in class. In groups of 3-4, we chose a statistical test to analyze, and created a presentation on it. This was important to help us become more familiar with the statistical tests out there, so that people who were not familiar with statistics before coming to Mass Academy (like myself) could be more comfortable with data analysis. My group chose the Chi-Square Test, and our presentation is on the left. It can also be accessed through this link.