Course Description

Physics at Mass Academy is taught by Mr. Ellis. We spend a lot of time with real world applications of subjects such as energy, momentum, and forces; drawing in connections to math such as trigonometry, algebra, and optionally, calculus. Students chose at the beginning of the school year whether they wanted to pursue the calculus track, although their decision is not finalized until the end of January. I am one of the students who chose to pursue the calculus track, and the main difference is that we are using calculus to solve more realistic physics problems.

Uber Problems

As part of our units, we normally do “Uber Problems” that have much more parts than a normal physics word problem. Each student gets different initial values, to prevent the students from simply sharing the final answer. There are also two variants of the problem, the algebra and calculus versions. I have attached two examples of Uber Problems, the Uber Rocket Calculus Problem, which tests our knowledge of kinematic equations, and the Uber Pulley Calculus Problem which tests our knowledge of forces and projectile motion.