What is Humanities?

Humanities, or HUM for short, is taught by Ms. Small. HUM is like a mix of History and English, where the focus of the course is finding out about what makes humans who they are. We have explored how humans create societies; from categorization and racism, to the technologies we use, to how speeches persuade people. We then write essays showing what we know, examining certain pieces to pull together what we had learned so far.

Comparing Bradbury Stories

The first essay I wrote for HUM was about two science fiction stories by Ray Bradbury, which detailed what could happen to humanity if technology is allowed too much control. The essay compares these two stories, and the roles that humans have in the downfall caused by this technology. More specifically, it determines which of the two stories portrays humans having a more direct role in their own demise more effectively. The essay can be found below.

Prepping for SATs

Another essay I wrote for HUM was in preparation for the SAT. We had a choice to limit ourselves to 50 minutes to write the essay, which I chose to do initially then revised the essay without a time limit. The essay is about how an essay, “The Digital Parent Trap” by Eliana Dockterman, builds an argument to persuade her readers. The revised essay can be found below.