Hi, I'm Isabella Palit!

I'm a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I'm interested in a wide variety of STEM topics, including robotics, math, biology, and computer science. Additionally, I enjoy spending time creating art and poetry, as well as volunteering to help my community.
A pointillism portrait of Amelia Earhart
A pointillism portrait I made of Amelia Earhart
A picture of Oia, Greece
A picture I took in Oia, Greece
A group photo of two teams at a FIRST robotics competition
A photo of Team 1100 & Team 8544 at a robotics competition
A print of a linoleum stamp of a flower and bees
A print of an ink stamp I carved from linoleum
A robotics demo
A robot demo at a town festival
Competing as operator for my robotics team
Competing as operator for Team 1100
A rock arch in Bryce National Park
A photograph I took in Bryce National Park