In Math Modeling we focus on applying advanced mathematical concepts to real-world problems. It is taught by Mr. Regele. We collaborate to work on problems and present to the class often. We have problem sets each night for homework and also have larger assignments like Mathematica files and group problems.

One of the math events we had this year was the Hi-MCM 36-hour math competition. We were in groups of four and worked together to derive a solution to one of two complicated math modeling problems. Rachel, Smita, Dan and I chose to work on a problem about water inflow and outflow from Lake Mead. My team’s paper can be found below.

Another one of our assignments was to find a line of best fit, by hand, using the Mathematica programming language. We were given a data set and asked to construct a Mathematica file which included a variety of graphs, calculations, and a final equation. My solution can be found below.