French at Mass Academy is a full immersion course. We speak french the entire class. The class is taught by Mrs. Wildfong. We participate in a variety of activities in class- everything from movies, to music, to board games. In addition we use a listening log and vocabulary journal to aid in our learning of the language.

Each week, we are expected to complete two entries in our listening logs. For each entry, we listen to some sort of media in French. This can be TV shows, podcasts, music, etc. Then, we write a summary of what we listened to. While we are watching, we can fill in unknown words in our vocabulary journal as well. My listening log from A and B terms can be found below.

Another assignment we had was to write a fairy tale in French. This was a follow-up assignment after we watched Beauty and the Beast in French. It was a great practice in passé compose and imparfait (past tense). My fairy tale can be found below.