Community Service


I started coaching for the TOPSoccer program in my town in 2020. I am coaching in my fourth season this spring and I really enjoy it. TOPSoccer is a nationwide outreach program that provides community-based training to individuals with intellectual, emotional, or physical disabilities. The Auburn program specifically works with children and teens between the ages of 4 and 18. I love having this opportunity to share my love of soccer.

Teaching CCD

This year I have also been teaching catechism at my parish. This year my friend and I taught third grade. It is great to see how eager the kids are to learn. This opportunity has improved my ability to effectively communicate and explain concepts to young children.

Running My Business

this is a picture of me and my brother making cookies this is a picture of one of the first cakes I made this is a birthday cake I made for my grandmother this is a birthday cake I made for my grandmother

Although this year has been very busy, I have been able to do some baking and managing of my business. Lately I have been working to repair/update my website, drop off donations, and of course bake for orders. These are some pictures of recent cupcake orders. In addition, I have been experimenting and trying new flavors. One of my new favorites is pistachio cake with lemon curd filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.

Auburn Middle School STEM Camp

This summer I will be volunteering at the Auburn Middle School STEM Camp. This is a camp that I attended and I’m excited to help the next generation learn about STEM. The week-long camp covers a variety of STEM topics including experimentation and engineering design process.