Mrs. Wildfong

For my language class this year, I am taking Spanish taught by Sra. Wildfong. The class is immersion-based, focusing on the culture and literature rather than the syntax of the language. As a result, I am able to improve my speaking and listening ability alongside my reading and writing while building my vocabulary in the language. The class is taught in Spanish and explores various aspects of Hispanic culture, from the holidays to the food, and gave me a new experience when learning a language.

Descripciones de Cuartos

One of our first essays in the class was to describe the rooms in our house after learning about prepositions and furniture. You can see my descriptions below.


One of the projects in the class was to create a dish from a Spanish-speaking country and create a presentation. For my dish, I chose to bake a Turron de Dona Pepa, which is a dessert from Peru. You can see my dish, the process I took to bake it, and the final presentation.